Martina Terzi

Illustrator Viborg, Denmark

Hi! I’m Martina, a freelance 2d artist and illustrator, who draw with love and lots of coffee!

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My name is Martina and I'm an Italian illustrator.
After spending my childhood peeling my knees, falling down from my bike, and drawing a lot, I decided to study art. I became passionate about comic books and graphic novels; quickly filling up all my shelves.
But the proudest elements of my collection are by far children's books. Their bright colors and use of cute, rounded shapes are the biggest reasons why I decided to pursue illustration.

After high school, I decided to specialise my skills through self-discipline and professional courses in order to create the very illustrations in children's books I enjoyed so much!
I also enjoy travelling and living in different places. My experiences from all around the world serve to inspire me and allow me to constantly keep evolving my style.

At the moment I am located in Denmark, where I am drawing with love and a lot of coffee!

If you want to contact me, please feel free to send me an email here:



First place, Purple dragonfly book award [link]


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